October 2, 2016

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SharePoint Admin Services

Our experts can customize your site and web portion by using different styles like CSS, Theme or Master Page to make your site look more attractive. We create and customize the sub sites and organize the information on the pages as per your preferences and needs in the website.

We can upload documents for modifying the opens, reads, edits and report the document that can be of various file types like Text, PDFs, PowerPoint, Excel and HTML.

We can integrate the folders and perform daily quality checks based on alerts. We can customize the permissions available in the default permission levels or create customized permission levels that contain only the permissions as per your requirement to manage the site access more efficiently.

We help you manage your project calendar for successful completion of the project, customize and make a user friendly calendar that easily identifies users and prioritize the information. We can create and upload the contact list to manage your business processes.

Our expert team can help you in creating images, slideshows, survey, document library and discussion boards to improve the user experience of your website. We can import your data from excel sheet to SharePoint which allows you to customize the settings and can continue to add data therefore saving you time and improve efficiency.

We also maintain your site navigation and customize it with selective layouts so that it improves your page loading time of your website. We create reports that are required for your business process that describes and gain a better understanding about the market, competition and client’s usage of SharePoint data.

Ø  Customization of Site and Web part

Ø  Creating Pages and Sub Sites

Ø  Uploading and modifying documents

Ø  Reconciling folders and performing daily checks

Ø  Adding and modifying users and permissions

Ø  Managing the project calendar

Ø  Creating and uploading contact lists

Ø  Creating Image -Slide Show, Document Library, Survey, Discussion Boards

Ø  Import data from Excel Sheet

Ø  Maintaining the Site Navigation and customize it

Ø  Creation of report using SharePoint Data

Ø  Color Coding for the calendar