March 28, 2017

Referral Program

Refer and Earn! – Its Simple!

We invite our clients and non-clients to participate in a very simple yet rewarding referral program. You  may  come  across  your friends, colleagues  or  people  in  your  community who  you  think  could  benefit  from our services.

Existing Clients:

By referring, our existing clients get a great discount on their projects with us based on the volume of business that is brought our way.


If you are a non-client, you can refer any individual/business contacts who is willing to outsource and for every successful referral you will be commissioned and even earn every month.

One of the key reasons why most of the companies outsource is cost saving. Through our referral program you help your close ones benefit from us by offloading the bit too much in their plate and also help yourself by earning an attractive commission on every successful referral even every month.


Number of Clients/month

Commission (onetime Payment- @ end of first month)


5% of total billing


7% of total billing


9% of total billing


10% of total billing

You will be getting your referral reward once the referral becomes our actual client.

Now, why not email them or us immediately.

To Subscribe for Referral program, please wirte to us –