Ecommerce Data Entry & Order Processing Solution

E-commerce is trending upward year on year. Be it a well-established eCommerce company or an entrepreneur who is trying to set up a space in the eCommerce industry, listing the products effectively and showcasing the product to the customers is a key part to bring business.  It is also required to constantly keep ahead of the curve and implement strategies that will drive sales and increase customer satisfaction and trustworthiness.

At IconAssist, we understand the customer expectation and support you on all the aspects of keeping your product up to date and provide an end to end solution.  IconAssist provides affordable and reliable eCommerce data entry and order processing services. We have a team of experts with domain expertise, required skills and knowledge of different platforms.

 We offer a complete solution,

Product Database Building:

This includes conversion of product catalogues into excel/csv format, obtaining product information from supplier website and other online sources using SKU number, formatting existing database into the right format based on the ecommerce platform

Product Image editing support:

Images of the products are resized, Image back ground removed, Image cropping, tagging, clipping and the quality of the images are enhanced to visually look perfect and this in turn increases the salability of the product

Product Bulk upload/Product Data entry: 

Based on the platform our experts build the product data in a CSV file and does a bulk upload to the CMS. Our data entry professionals create a tailor-made process to update online store on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, depending on clients need.

IOA takes care of all the details of our clients’ online storefronts for them, including:


Ø  Updating and adding new & existing products

Ø  Updating SKU number

Ø  Updating Product titles and descriptions

Ø  Uploading Product images

Ø  Updating Pricing details

Ø  Shipping information

Ø  Payment details

Ø  Placing orders in supplier website

Ø  Managing e mails from customers

Ø  Customer support through call  and e mail

Ø  Inventory Management

Ø  Invoice Generation