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Data Entry Services

Managing data is the most important challenge that is faced across many industries. Managing an in-house team can be stressful, leaving you with no time to spend on your core business activities.

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Data Mining Services

We provide valuable intelligence for businesses looking to build customized contact lists using data acquired from specified databases or websites, such as LinkedIn.


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Administrative Services

IconAssist provides a wide range of administrative assistance to corporate’s, business individuals, CXO level people and busy individuals. Our services includes but not limited to, Travel and Email Management..

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Everybody is happy with the lists you have provided and I believe payment should be made shortly.

Many thanks again all


You are a true professional and have been a tremendous asset to our team and specifically to me. You have bailed me out of trouble countless times and I owe a lot of our success to you and your efforts and expertise.


Thanks for this the contacts so far look great so thank you!