September 28, 2016

Administrative Services

IOA provides a wide range of administrative assistance to corporate’s, business individuals, CXO level people and busy individuals. 

Our services includes but not limited to,

Travel Management – It’s indeed a huge time saver!

Flight Booking:

Business individuals and Management staff travel a lot for their business meetings and IOA professionals can assist in flight bookings as per the schedule and preferences. 

Cab Arrangements :

IOA professionals handle the booking of cab or taxi service for transporting and ensuring you arrive at your preferred destination relaxed.

Booking Accommodation:

IOA professionals ensures that your accommodation is booked with all the facilities you need as preferred.

Places to Visit/things to do:

Arranging additional requirements for your trip such as tourist places to visit, adventures itineraries and help with a list of best things one can do in the places you visit.

Email Management –Be it personal or Business

Checking email accounts:

Email can be a huge time consuming task for you when you travel and you tend to miss important business e mails or personal emails, IOA professionals can assist you in checking your emails on a daily basis, manage your inbox and set up filters and folders to make it organized. Our professionals respond to the emails that are of low priority by replying on your behalf, keep you informed on a timely manner on the messages which requires your special attention, flagging emails those are important and needs your attention, this helps to keep important emails on top of your diary.

Customer Service Emails:

IOA can manage customer service emails and this streamlines the delivery process to your end customer. This helps the small businesses to focus on other significant tasks of the business.

Email Ticketing System:

With IOA, your business communications stay organized and efficient by creating trackable tickets and records the entire conversation in a single ticket until the customer issue is fixed and the ticket is closed.  We also set up automatic status update message.

Email receipt module:

We can configure your email account to send customized receipts once a transaction is completed.

Personal Management

  • Purchase gifts, flowers online and send it on behalf of you to your loved ones online shopping.
  • Organize Birthday Parties
  • Sending invitation to your friends and colleagues via call and email
  • Paying Bills – loans, insurance and service that has pending bills to be paid
  • Wakeup& reminder calls –We make sure to set up a wakeup call for any important scheduled event or meeting.
  • Setting up Doctor Appointments
  • Reservations for Dinner, theatre, sports, movies, music, spas, salons
  • Organizing cleaning services for home or office
  • Arrange packers and movers for shifting house& office